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Cooling troughs and cable dryers

Temperature control and cooling of the extruded products are a further step in the sequence leading to a perfect finished product. An optimally dimensioned cooling trough is a decisive factor in the quality of the extruded product. Wrongly or deficiently dimensioned cooling processes can render a perfectly extruded product useless.
It is therefore indispensable to grant this production step the necessary intensity and experience. We are pleased to offer complete cooling troughs including adjoining heat exchangers upon request. Even the expansion or modernization of an existing cooling trough may be necessary. In this area we offer individual components which can be integrated in the existing trough.

Telescopic cooling trough with cover
The traverse path of the telescopic part is approx. 1.5 m long and can be adjusted by a hand wheel. Standard execution is in the form of a spray cooling system. Complete system with tank and pump.
Complete length incl. traverse path: 5 m.
All components exposed to water are made of corrosion-resistant material of highest quality.

Simple cooling trough with cover in modular design
These cooling troughs are produced in modular form and can be configured in any order. All components exposed to water are made of corrosion-resistant material. Set-up of the cooling trough is available as immersion cooling or spray cooling. The tank is dimensioned according to the length of the cooling trough. As special type of construction the cooling trough can also be temperature controlled.

Invert cooling trough
Implementation in modular construction system. The product is turned around by way of a variety of special pulleys which are mounted in watertight housings. Spray cooling is the mode of execution in this case. Number and finishing of pulleys are subject to the product.

Cable dryers
Cable drying with lateral channel blowers or blow off nozzles. Subject to products to be dried. Individual solutions for difficult materials using different principles and nozzle geometry.

Hermetically sealed cooling systems
Hermetically sealed cooling systems for special applications

Vacuum tanks
Vacuum tanks with integrated calibration unit for the productions of tubing and pipes.

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